Transform Your Face Naturally

Use Facerobics to smooth, lift, firm, sculpt and contour your sagging facial muscles

How You Feel About Your Face Determines Your Entire Outlook On Life

If you are like me and and don’t recognize the person you see in the mirror and feel you are looking old and tired, there is a natural solution.

Imagine being able to transform your face by smoothing, lifting, firming, sculpting and contouring your sagging facial muscles in only a few minutes a day!

Facerobics will do just that and in most cases provide better, more natural, longer lasting results!

Are you ready to take back control of your aging process?

No more costly fillers

No more painful injections

No more risky surgical procedures

Developed by Peta Prior, Australia’s leading Facial Exercise Coach and Author, Facerobics exercises are specifically designed to target the underlying muscle groups which begin to atrophy as we age.

As these muscles are exercised utilizing rapid repetitions and progressive load theory, you will begin to take on a more natural, youthful, toned appearance. When done correctly wrinkles of the face will literally melt way and in most cases sagging will disappear!

Peta's Story

I developed Facerobics® after seeing myself in a picture I snapped of myself when I turned 50. My face and neck were saggy, I had developed jowls and had started to look tired and old. I didn’t recognize that person looking back at me. I was horrified!

Just like exercising your body, because the muscles are the same, you can exercise your facial muscles and with some training you can regain their structure to make you look more youthful and toned again.

When you join Facerobics® I’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll have 24 hour online access to my step by step videos and when you follow the instructions you will start to see the changes in next to no time.

Soon you will be on your way to a fresher, younger you!



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Everything you need to get started is available online in our “Members Log In” section of the website. Members will need a computer, tablet, smartphone or other internet connected device to access the gym, from there you will be able to view or download the videos so you can exercise along in your own time. Don’t worry, upon joining you will receive instructions on how to navigate the site according to the device you use

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Bonnie's Story

I began Facerobics in August, 2018 – the day after my 65th birthday. My eyes were the first to show improvement after 9 days. I had become shy about laughing in front of people because my nose was beginning to droop when I smiled; however, by the time I completed Series 1, Level 1, my nose had already lifted.

I am currently on Series 6, to say that I am pleased with this program is an understatement! My husband thanks me for looking 10 years younger than I’m supposed to!  Thank you, Peta for this wonderful program!  I am so grateful and enthused to have this natural alternative to looking younger!


Facerobics® & Flexerobics – The Manual

The Ultimate Facial & Full Body Exercise Program! Including a comprehensive Workbook & Diary to Keep you on Track.

This eBook is for people wanting to learn the “complete” Facerobics® & Flexerobics® Facial & Full Body Exercise Program as shown on YouTube and who don’t necessarily want to join or cannot join the Membership site. It has been written specifically for you in mind! Note, this manual is included in your membership.

Are you ready to regain your youthful self?