Welcome to FACEROBICS® Face Exercise Gym Membership 

Peta Prior is Australia's Leading Face Exercise Coach who has created her very own face exercise program called Facerobics®. She is known as "Your Face Exercise Coach" because she is committed to supporting you through your facial exercise journey.

Once you start your journey, you will find miraculous changes starting to happen to you, so to take "you" to the next level, Facerobics Gym has been created to guide you on a more deeper level through your journey.  

Think of it as your "me time".  

The Facerobics® Gym will keep you on track with learning activities, webinars, meditations and much more.  The Gym will help you remain positive and encouraged, no matter what is happening to you and Peta will be with you every step of the way.

About Facerobics® Face Exercises

Imagine a program that will transform your face by smoothing, lifting, firming, sculpting and contouring your sagging facial muscles without the use of costly fillers, injections or risky, time restricting surgical procedures.

Facerobics® will do just that and in most cases provide better, more lasting results.

The Facerobics® face exercises are designed to target your specific underlying muscle groups which begin to atrophy as you age.  As these muscles are exercised your skin will take on a more natural, youthful, toned appearance, wrinkles will literally melt away and sagging will disappear.

Face Exercises are completely natural, safe and the best anti-aging and self care activity you can do for yourself! 

No drugs, chemical peels, pain and best of all it is a totally refreshing alternative to other costly, more risky options on the market today.

And best of all it is free to do anytime, anywhere you wish!

What Facerobics® Has Done for Peta

The picture to the left is me when I was 47. The ageing process was settling in and I didn't even know that I was starting to change. You can see my neck and jowls starting to droop. 

By the time I hit 50, only 3 years later, you can see how accelerated my ageing process was. There was a full sagging of my face and neck, which made me look old and tired.

When I saw this picture of me, oh boy, I knew I had to change - something!

I then went about finding an alternative to injections, fillers and a face lift, as I thought that was all that was available to me. 

Then I found facial exercises, and created my own program!

When you join the Facerobics Face Exercise Gym, just for joining you will receive my beautifully mastered "Growing Young" meditation for FREE valued at AUD$39.50. This is a 6o minute meditation that takes you on a journey into other realms which will help you "Grow Young".  My gift to you for joining the Gym! 

You will also receive a reduced discount off all One-on-One Skype Coaching just for being a member.

Please remember, what the Gym is today, is not what it will be all the time, it is an organic evolving work, that we all can be apart of! I invite you to come along on the journey with me!

**Please Note - the Exercise Along With Me Series are not complete as yet, so please be aware of this upon joining! 

For any queries regarding the Gym Membership please contact me at the Contact Us Support Page at the link in the top right hand corner of this page.

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Facerobics® Face Exercise Gym is a super affordable, interactive "premium" membership site offering free access to live Webinars and exclusive, in depth information "in real time" from Peta.

There are also very creative, interactive modules and activities which drive your face exercise journey to keep you "on track". You will have free access to my meditations, new and exclusive advert free Exercise Along With Me routines and much more.....

You also be given the opportunity to join my Exclusive Members Only Facebook page where you can receive help and support others in the Facerobics® Community.

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RENEW ME® Natural Skincare, created by Peta Prior, offering high end, multi-purpose, anti-ageing skincare, specifically formulated for skin sensitivity.

RENEW ME® is now backed by Independent Clinical Efficacy Trials which reported an incredible overall skin improvement of 100% in all subjects.

Clinical Efficacy Trials have also proven that 87% of the subjects improved after just 3 weeks of use of our RENEW ME® Laser Lift & Serum.

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FACEROBICS® Channel on

Peta is Australia's Leading Face Exercise Instructor and is known as "Your Face Exercise Coach". Peta is a qualified Beauty Therapist. Drawing on this experience she created Facerobics®.

Facerobics is a FREE face exercise channel which offers a comprehensive facial exercise program which, when practised regularly will take years off your appearance bringing amazing changes in your life!

Facerobics® Face Exercises will help you "age backwards".

Subscribe and start your face exercise journey now!