Bonnie’s Story

I began Facerobics in August, 2018 – the day after my 65th birthday. My eyes were the first to show improvement after 9 days.  I had become shy about laughing in front of people because my nose was beginning to droop when I smiled; however, by the time I completed Series 1, Level 1, my nose had already lifted.

I am currently on Series 6, to say that I am pleased with this program is an understatement! My husband thanks me for looking 10 years younger than I’m supposed to!  Thank you, Peta for this wonderful program!  I am so grateful and enthused to have this natural alternative to looking younger!

Peta’s Story

Over the past year I have discovered Peta and Facerobics.  For the past 5 or more years I have been using good name face creams in an attempt to rid myself of sagging and wrinkles. I have to say that even though my skin itself improved, the wrinkles and the sagging did not.

Then I found Facerobics.  Over the past year I have been following the routines that Peta gives us to do.  I have seen a great change in my skin, wrinkles and sagging. These changes do not happen overnight, especially if you are over 50, but if you stick to the programme that Peta has designed which works the best for our face and skin, you WILL SEE RESULTS.

Joining FACEROBICS® is one of the best things I have ever done for myself

Linda’s Story

I was one of the first members. The yearly fees are so affordable and being a member of her gym has wonderful benefits.

Peta is exceptional. She has patience beyond comprehension and she is very educated on how the muscles of the face work and interact. She is passionate about her subscribers following her program to the “t”.

This sets her apart from others who teach face exercises.

I am almost 76 now and you can see by my before and after how my skin and face have improved. I follow her program faithfully. She knows her “stuff”! Thank you Peta for all you do! You are one of my heros!

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