I am always saying it, Consistency and Focus is key to your Facerobics workouts. So how to I remain Consistent and Focused?

What are the benefits of consistency and focus?

Consistency: There are a number of benefits associated with being consistent and focused in your workouts.

  • Time management: You will not need to spend extra time trying to find time to workout.
  • Learn self-respect: You can create a relationship of respect with yourself by being consistent, which will improve your performance and the relationship with yourself.
  • Owning your fitness: You become more motivated to keep going when you own your fitness.

How to be consistent and focused – Commitment!

Commit yourself to the Facerobics exercise routines every 6 weeks, commit yourself to doing everything I say, take photos every 6 weeks to monitor the changes taking place on your face, commit to learning the new exercises to the new series you are starting once a day during the 7th week. Commit yourself to watching the technique & instruction videos to master the exercises, commit yourself to using your journal and make a few rules to help you stick to it.

No more excuses! If you have an excuse now is the time to change your thinking! But, don’t feel like you are making excuses, the simple truth is that if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to make it happen.

You have to want it to be able to achieve it. Remember the saying from the Mentorship Program “What you believe you will achieve”. This saying will help you push through the excuses and get started.

Another way to remain consistent is to do it at a time when you are not tired or lacking. Think about it, when you are tired, the last thing you want to do is Level 3 of your Series. I mean, its too hard. So, commit to a time when you are fresh to do them.

Plan your Facerobics Exercise program before starting. By this, think ahead in your mind all the things you need to focus on when you are performing your routines. Visualise your desired outcome and take small steps towards your goal.

Pace yourself when you are working out and reduce distractions. Remember, Facerobics is about FUN and growing young again!

Why is consistency and focus so important?

Because, as you get further into your Facerobics journey, it’s easy to start getting lax or complacent. You start thinking you’ve mastered your routine or that your workouts are no longer hard or worse still, you are starting to see changes and you stop thinking that “you have done it”, not realizing that once you stop your face will revert to the age you are now, and this could lead to you to skip or stop working out altogether!

To avoid this the best way is to stay engaged and continue to challenge yourself, every single day.

Leverage the Facebook Group. This is a fabulous way to connect with all the wonderful women in the group who will encourage and champion you along your journey. This is why you joined the Elite Membership in the first place, to get extra motivation when you need it. Get involved, be a champion to others, it will help you in your own journey. If you aren’t currently a member of the Facebook group it’s worth getting involved.


Just do it!