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Code of Conduct - As a user of this site, bullying, harassment or abuse of any kind is not tolerated (this includes abusive behavior towards Administrators via emails and the Chat Service). Should you choose to conduct yourself in this manner, Facerobics Administrators reserve the right to terminate your account without notice and report your conduct to PayPal or Stripe.

Please Note : We do not sell Products or Services to the United Kingdom or Ireland.

This support desk is manned Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Australia Central Standard Time. We do not answer emails over Saturday or Sunday.

We typically reply in 24-48 hours.

Please be courteous and supply all of the information that will help us help you in a timely manner including your name, order number and clear question.

Please take the time to read the instructions on how to use this system before sending a ticket.

You need to CREATE AN ACCOUNT and be logged into your account to access this ticket system. To log in you will need your username and password you originally used to set up your account.

Every new support request you open is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress online.

When you are making an enquiry for the first time, go to the "Create New Ticket" Tab and initiate a new ticket.

You will find every ticket you send in your dashboard below. When we respond, you need to log back into the system and answer the existing ticket located under the Tickets tab. Do not reply to the email you receive. It is just a notification email linked to a NO REPLY address, therefore Peta will not get your reply. You will need to log back into your account to communicate with Peta again.

Please Note - Peta is unable to answer FACEROBICS® Face Exercise questions. For FACEROBICS® questions please SUBSCRIBE to the FACEROBICS® Channel on Youtube and then ask your question under the relevant Video after Subscribing.

Please scroll down further to log in. Once you do, the ticket system dashboard will appear.

To log in you will need your username and password you originally used to set up your account. 

Note - If you cannot get into the site it is because you have either forgotten your login credentials or you have created your original account with incorrect spellings. These are the only 2 reasons why you cannot access your account. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER WEBSITE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOG IN. YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD NEVER CHANGE from when you originally set it up.

When submitting a ticket please include your FULL NAME & Order Number (if applicable).

NOTE: Before sending this email, we advise that we do not tolerate Abuse of any kind. Should you send an abusive email, you will not be answered, your account will be deleted, you will be banned and reported to PayPal or your Credit Card Finance Institution.

Also be reminded, we do not answer Facerobics questions, please refer to the channel to ask your question.