Have Questions about Facerobics Membership Site?

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What Countries do we Sell Services to?

We do not sell Products or Services to the United Kingdom or Ireland. We offer the Gym to all other countries, no matter where you are in the world!

What is included in the Gym?

Exclusive Ad Free Access to the New Exercise Along With Me Videos not on Youtube

Skype Like Weekly Live Q&A Webinars with Peta where you can ask any questions you want and be apart of a wonderful world wide, like minded community

Exclusive Access to the Facerobics® Face Healing Cards (not offered anywhere else)

60 Minute Professionally Mastered Meditation “Young Again” Yours free, just for joining the Gym

Exclusive products not offered to the public

Exclusive Access to the Private Facebook Group for Members Only

and more being added all the time….

What Videos are Uploaded in the Gym

Exercise Along with Me S1, S2, S3, S4 & S5-L1 are currently rolled out in the Gym Site. EAWMe S5 & S6 are currently not rolled out therefore please be aware of this upon joining. The NEW S1, S2, S3 & S4 Exercise Along With Me Series much different to the YouTube Channel for you to enjoy! 

Please Note : Once all 6 series are uploaded, the price of the Membership Site will increase. Those who join now will still have the Membership Site the same price as it is now for the lifetime of your membership. It will not increase no matter what increases occur in the future.

Click this link to see a sample of what the Exercise Along With Me Series looks like in the Gym – New Exclusive Exercise Along With Me Gym Site Videos

I don’t have a PayPal Account. Can I pay a different way?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal or your Credit Card thru Stripe, without having to use a PayPal Account. Just choose the Credit Card option at checkout.

What makes the Gym different to watching Youtube?

You will get instant access to brand new Exercise Along With Me Videos and a Weekly Live Q&A Webinar with Peta (with replays if you can’t attend the webinars) and exclusive access to the Private Members Facebook Group. There are so many other features for you to discover when you join.

How do the Membership Payments work?

You are signing up to a Yearly Membership Site.  The price of the Membership currently equates to AUD$2.80 (approx) a week! When you compare all of the money that you might spend on your face AUD$2.80 a week is insanely affordable.

Do I need basic computer knowledge to be a member?

Yes you do! However, you will receive a Welcome email with all of the information on how to navigate the Gym Site. Be sure to use your correct email when you register so you can receive the information and ensure a smooth user experience when you join.

What is the difference between YouTube watching Free and Joining the Gym?

You can watch YouTube for free. Adverts are run on YouTube where as all of the Exercise Along With Me videos in the Gym are ad-free other than Videos that are hosted by Youtube used on the site.

The Exercise Along With Me Series are completely different to the free ones on Youtube with the look and feel and there are no adverts.  Whilst there are some videos that are on Youtube in the Gym, the Exercise Along With Me Series are exclusive to the Gym Site, not Youtube.

Do I receive any materials or downloads?

After you become a paid member of the Gym you will be able to access everything that is offered in the Gym Site. It is all hosted on the site in one easy place. Anything required in paper form is easily downloaded from the site.

Can I access the site from any device?

Yes, the website is available on all devices.

How can I contact you for more questions?

To contact us please go to this link – Facerobics Contact Us & Support. You will need to register a username and be logged in to send an email.

Facebook Membership Support Group

You are encouraged to join the Private Facebook Members Group by doing so you will get the most out of your Membership. Peta is active in the Private Members Facebook Group. She is there to answer all your questions and concerns in real time.

Enjoy Exclusive Offers not Available Anywhere Else

We have Exclusive Offers on products just for Gym Members that are not available anywhere else! Join to find out how you can rejuvenate yourself even faster……

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes of course! If you are not happy with anything at all regarding the Facerobics® Gym Membership, we offer a no questions asked 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. Just contact us at this link – Facerobics Contact Us & Support and we will refund you as long as it is within the 7 Day period and you get to keep the Young Again Meditation for free! If you are not entirely happy, please contact us at the above link and request a refund.

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