Now the Facerobics® Face Exercise Gym is live, now what…..

Hello everyone, it has been a bit of time in between my posting.  I have been so busy with setting up the Face Exercise Gym, creating a new healing modality called Facerobics® Face Healing which involves acupressure and tapping on certain points of the face to clear emotional trauma.

Creating the Gym was a momentous effort and took many months to bring my vision to reality.

I hope that it is something that everyone loves and becomes involved in because, just like the Facerobics® YouTube Channel, I have poured my heart and soul into this creation. And it is to be used and taken up.

As everyone knows by now, my passion is facial exercises and creating a place where people will learn and grow on all levels, not just about facial exercise. This is why I created the Gym.

My next project is to create the Facerobics® Academy. This is where you will learn to become a Certified Facerobics® Instructor. Another project. It never stops.

I am so committed to see people discover and find themselves again, to regain what has been lost. This is what happened to me when I started my journey into facial exercises. I found myself, I had been lost for a number of years, but, I am back and so will you be too!

See you in the Gym!

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