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Subscription & Membership – You will be signing up to a Membership Site. This means by joining this Membership Site you are granted an ongoing Membership and access to the Exclusive Facerobics® Face Exercise Gym, as long as you maintain an active Subscription. You will be AUTOMATICALLY BILLED on the anniversary of your joining date YEARLY and this makes up of what you agree to when you process your order though PayPal or Stripe.

Online Delivery - The Facerobics Membership Site is wholly an online service. All information is delivered to you via the site or emails. The information supplied in the Gym is copyrighted. The Exercise Along With Me Series are not permitted to be downloaded.

Management of Automatic Subscription Billing – PayPal or Stripe will manage your Automatic Billing Agreement NOT Facerobics. PayPal and Stripe can only remove funds from your account WITH YOUR CONSENT and at no other times for any reason. By agreeing to the PayPal or Stripe Automatic Billing Agreement you are giving them CONSENT to deduct funds on behalf of Facerobics.

Facerobics does not have authority to deduct funds from your account or has access to your account details WHATSOEVER and cannot, will not and does not randomly deduct funds from your account at any time for any reason.

Please READ the Billing Agreement carefully and fully when you go through to either PayPal or Stripe BEFORE agreeing. It is important information that explains in PLAIN wording regarding your Rights and Obligations.

Opting Out your Contact Email from Our Email List - You are required to supply a active and frequently checked email address for the duration of your gym membership. Should you choose to opt out (unsubscribe from receiving emails), you will not receive reminder emails regarding your subscription, annual payment reminders or official company communications. Your membership will be paused until your email is re-instated.

Continued Subscription Services – If you wish to continue with your ongoing Membership, you do not need to do anything. To ensure that your Membership access rolls over smoothly, please ensure funds are in your account on your Billing Anniversary Date. These payments are AUTOMATIC Recurring Payments (that you will agree to) which will be deducted from your account on your Anniversary Date of joining the site.

Cancelling Your Subscription – We have a very clear, transparent and open policy on Cancelling Your Subscription. Should you wish to cancel your Subscription you can do so at any time. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.

When you cancel your Subscription you will have access to your Membership up until your Anniversary Rollover Date. For example, if your Anniversary Date is May 2020, and you cancel Jan 2020, you will have access to your Membership up until the day of your Anniversary date in May 2020. You will not be charged for another year once you have cancelled. The only way that you will be charged again, is, if you do not cancel before your Anniversary Date. It is your responsibility to cancel your Subscription BEFORE your Anniversary Rollover Date, should you wish to do so, to ensure no further payments will be deducted by PayPal or Stripe.

Opting Out of your Facerobics Subscription – You may opt out of your Subscription at any time by logging into your “My Account” area on the Facerobics Membership site. This is the first page you land on when you log into the site.

To Cancel your Facerobics Subscription follow these SIMPLE steps:

1. Log into your “My Account” here – My Account
2. Look for the Subscriptions tab at the left hand side of the screen
3. Click or tap on “Subscriptions”. Your current Subscription will appear.
4. Click or tap on the “View” button, then follow the prompts to Cancel your Subscription.

Do this at least two (2) days before the AUTOMATIC Annual Renewal Date. If you do not do this at least two (2) days prior to the end of your current subscription period, the payment for the AUTOMATIC RECURRING PAYMENT of the subscription payment will be processed for another year.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not refund on “Services Underway”. (Refer to Services Underway and our Money Back Guarantee below) As a courtesy the Company will prompt you with reminders throughout the year regarding your Annual Renewal Date management. These reminders also act as “Notice Served” and are expected to be read and acted on if required.

Proof of Cancellation Before Automatic Rollover Date – If you “believe” you have cancelled your subscription and you have received an Invoice from Facerobics stating that your yearly subscription has been charged again, or if you believe that funds have been deducted from your account AFTER the Anniversary date of your Subscription; BEFORE contacting us, CHECK YOUR BANKING STATEMENT in the first instance to determine if money has actually been deducted.

If you “believe” funds have been deducted, “politely” contact us with a screenshot of proof of the date you cancelled your Subscription, proof of your cancelled subscription and proof of funds you believe have been deducted from your account (ie: bank statement screen shot).

If it is proved that funds were deducted from your account, AFTER you CANCELLED your Subscription, and for whatever reason it happened; if you cancelled your subscription BEFORE the Automatic Rollover Date, we will “happily” refund your money. If you did not cancel BEFORE your Automatic Billing Date was due, no refund will be offered as your account is assumed as “Services Underway”.

Accidental Cancellation – If you cancel by accident please contact us by clicking on the CONTACT US / SUPPORT DESK  link and we will help you thru reactivating your account.

Termination of Services – Both you as the Client and Facerobics® the Company, have the right to terminate any Services for any reason, at any time, including the ending of Services Underway. Note: We do not tolerate bullying, abusive emails and harassment. Should you decide to act in this manner, your account will be cancelled without notice and you will be reported to PayPal or Stripe.

Services Underway – There is no refund offered of services deemed as underway should you wish to cancel your membership (refer next paragraph to our Money Back Guarantee), due to the downloadable products you receive in the Gym that are not offered anywhere else other than in the Membership Site and is assumed that you have received full benefit from them.

Money Back Guarantee – We offer a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee should you not be completely happy with the Facerobics® Face Exercise Gym. After this time, if you do not request a refund, it is assumed that you are happy with the Membership site and your account moves into "Services Underway" status.

Communication –  For all Communications please click or tap on – Contact Us which will take you to our Ticket System.

Usage & Availability – By signing up to this service, you agree to all terms and conditions and are responsible for all usage and activity on the Services made via your account. You are not permitted to authorize non-members use of this site and services via your account. Any member found doing this will be terminated without notice and your details and the details of the non-member found accessing the account will be passed onto the Authorities.

Copyrighted Material - All material on this site is under copyright. You are not given approval to download, copy or distribute any of the material in this site. If you are found to do so, your account will be terminated without notice.

Code of Conduct - As a member of this site, bullying, harassment or abuse of any kind is not tolerated (this includes abusive behavior towards Administrators via emails, the Online Chat Service and Facebook Messenger). Should you choose to conduct yourself in this manner, Facerobics Administrators reserve the right to terminate your account without notice and report you to PayPal and Stripe and in extreme cases to the Authorities.

Australian Consumer Laws - This site is run in accordance with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Laws of Australia (ACCC).

RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD is the trading company for Facerobics® and will show this name on your Bank Statement when the transaction is processed on your receipt.

Terms and Conditions as at January 2020