Please read these Testimonials from Real people who are part of the Facerobics Face Exercise Gym and what they have to say!  When you join you can meet them too!


Osnat M – India

I love the Gym for a few reasons, it’s nice that everything is nicely organized, and easy to find, all the videos and updates, it’s fantastic to have the whole group on Facebook to interact, get support, and to know that you are not all alone in the world fighting old age…(lol), and my favourite thing is the webinars, every week we can ask our questions, because there are always things that you are not sure about, or you want to check, to get feedback, and Peta answers it all, and if you can join you can chat with her, it is so amazing to have this opportunity, and for such a great price…. I recommend it with all my heart.


Christine F – Cyprus

I came across Petra’s YouTube videos by accident 4 weeks ago and was intrigued. I started following the EAWMS but wanted to feel more involved, I then heard about the gym and joined on the 23rd July. I’m impressed. I don’t think there could be better coaching even with Peta sitting next to me, the attention to detail is excellent. It’s early days for me obviously so I can’t say yet how successful it will be but I have hope and that’s a great start.
This has not been an expensive venture but the rewards could be great.
Happy exercising!


Sharon H – UK

Hi I am 57 years old and over the years I have paid hundreds of pounds on skin cream and skin gadgets all of them promising youthful skin and eradicating crows feet and wrinkles and all of them have failed miserably .
I was getting really down with the way I looked (droopy eyelids , increasing drooping jowls, deep marionette lines and wrinkles under my eyes) the ageing process I guess and was hating looking in the mirror, so I started to look at first on YouTube for help and inspiration, I came across a lady promoting makeup and Retin a cream and so as usual I was off on that road again spent a fortune on stuff that didn’t work for me. Next was the yoga face books DVDs etc again these failed as I felt I was causing more wrinkles.
I was by this time really fed up but I knew deep down there was something that would work that’s when I found Peta on YouTube. I started to do the face exercise but found I was getting lost with all the videos that’s when Peta announced the gym was up and running, I did at first think was this another pie in the sky for me but after a couple days reckoned I had spent money on rubbish in the past and this may just may be what I was looking for and YES it is what I was looking for you get weekly webinars from Peta where she answers your questions, she also shows you how to do the exercises properly, there is also Facebook where you can interact with other members this is great as we’re all the same so you know other people are going through what you are, there is the. Face healing which is also very good and you get to download the Meditation – Young Again for free that’s worth having as well.
I think the gym is well worth the money , but don’t expect to do the programme for a couple of days and you will look 25 yrs younger, you won’t BUT if you do the programme as pets says , and be realistic on your expectations you will see improvements they will be subtle but they will be there.
Thanks Peta for your devotion and hard work in helping others .



I have been following the EAWM program now for three weeks and I am really pleased with the way my face is responding. Since starting the exercises my skin is feeling great and I have noticed my eyeliner goes on a bit smoother. Initially I was planning on solely using the youtube videos available to everyone but as I was watching Peta’s videos on how I should start the program, learning the 5 principals, and the correct way to do the exercises, I realized that if I wanted to do the program seriously and get the best out of it I should try the gym membership so I could have access to the notes on each exercise, the makeup of the skin and muscles, as well as access to Peta via our private FB group and our weekly live webinars. It really is worth it to join if you are planning to seriously do the program, being able to ask questions during the weekly webinar is so helpful and encouraging. I’m very happy that I decided to join the gym and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering giving Facerobics a try.


Kathy M – USA

I took a year-long subscription to the Facerobics Gym and have absolutely no regrets. I have done a couple of other facial exercise programs and liked them, but once I had learned the exercises, there was nothing further. I wanted more exercises, something that would motivate me, something that would keep me hopeful and optimistic. I found it in Peta’s Facerobics. Already after about three months, my face is definitely firmer feeling and my cheeks are lifted. My neck is a little tighter and slightly lifted. That’s not to say that I don’t have a ways to go, but I’m excited and I enjoy exercising along with Peta. The private Facerobics Gym Facebook group feels like a “club” of sorts, which is a nice bonus. Peta also does a weekly Q & A webinar, and I love watching the replays of those. What’s handy about the gym is that it’s all there for you, in one location, plus when you have a question, you can get help. It’s very personal. As you can tell, I’m a fan.


Mercedes C

Age: 53 I have been using facial exercises since the age of 39. I have tried different methods, but Peta’s method is the one that has brought me the best results. Her method is easy-to-follow and it is she makes it really fun, especially if you join her online gym. You will have direct access to a special Facebook group, and to a weekly webinar to answer all your questions. Peta’s generosity brings Facerobics for free to millions of people through her YouTube videos. Her dynamic teaching and step-by-step explanations makes Facerobics fun, unique, and one of a kind, but you must follow her program in order to be successful. I highly recommend Facerobics! I have incorporated it to my daily beauty routine. You will feel so much better about yourself. Just listen to Peta, be persistent, and you will attain great results!!