Trouble Shooting for Members who have Forgotten their Credentials

First Rule

For NEW MEMBERS, please READ the Welcome Email that was sent to you 2 minutes after you joined. This will save alot of confusion as to where and how you are logging in. If you did not receive the Welcome Email, this means that you did not use a valid email that is monitored by you. If this is the case, you will need to change your email address to one that you regularly monitor.

If you are having difficulty entering or using the site, please remain calm. It can always be resolved. Please do not send Administrators abusive emails or become overly frustrated or abusive towards us because we are here to help you. If you become abusive, your membership will be cancelled without notice. (refer to T&C's regarding Termination of Services)

Unless the site is down, in that case you not be able to access the log in area AT ALL, 99% of the time it is "operator error".

Second Rule

Refer to Rule #1!

Trouble Logging in

If you have forgotten or are not using your correct credentials, and can't log in, please read the following:

Are you logging into

Ensure that you are logging into the correct website. You cannot access your Facerobics account through the Renew Me site. They are two different sites with 2 different url's. Please check to see which site you are attempting to access.

If you wish to access Renew Me, you will need to register an account on that site. If you do not have an account with Renew Me, you will not be able to access that site either! Your log in details for Facerobics are not interchangeable with Renew Me.

Have you Book Marked a Membership Page and trying to Access it without being logged in?

Why am I constantly getting redirected to the CONTENT RESTRICTED page? Very simple, you cannot access book marked pages whilst being logged out of the Membership site. This is the whole reason for the Membership Site. All of the content WHICH YOU PAID for sits behind a firewall, so that NON PAYING customers cannot access it.

You need to be LOGGED IN to access a book marked page in your browser. DO NOT BOOK MARK MEMBERSHIP CONTENT PAGES.

Are you using the correct credentials?

This means, is your username correct? Your username will either be the first part of your email before the @ symbol, your full email address, or, if you entered it manually, it will be what ever you entered at the time you originally set up your account.

Is your password correct?

Have you entered your password EXACTLY the same as you entered when you set up your account? Otherwise, just like any other website that requires a username and password, you will not be able to gain access. Your password has to be EXACTLY the same as when you originally set it up or EXACTLY the same if you have changed it. This means, exact upper and lower cases, numbers or dashes in the correct sequence.

For example, if your password is "smith01$1" you have to enter "smith01$1" as your password. Not "Smitho1$1". The difference being a capital S and an "o" instead of a zero. Please, please and please, check your passwords are CORRECT before entering.

When you log in next, PLEASE save your username and password in your browser (as shown below). You do this by checking the "remember me" box next to the log in button. For a back up, write it down - correctly.

If you are unsure when you are entering your password, tap or click on the "eye" or "show" button where the arrow is showing below. This will "show" your password as you enter it. Therefore, you can CHECK it as you ENTER it to make sure it is CORRECT.



You Cannot Gain Access with ANY OTHER CREDENTIALS other than what you entered originally or have since changed

This means that if you "think" that you entered the site previously with different credentials (ie different email, full email or password) and it is not working for you, it means that you DID NOT enter the site with what you are trying with now.

Clear your Cache
Your browser stores your browsing history by "caching" or "remembering" what you look at. If you enter wrong passwords, sometimes your browser will remember that information and take you back to where you left off from your last browsing session. Try clearing your cache. In most instances this will work. To clear your cache, please GOOGLE how to for your particular browser.

Try a Different Browser
In some instances, your browser may have been updated. If this is the case, you will need to check by trying to log in under a different browser. If you are able to enter under that new browser, clear the cache of the one you use regularly, or re update it

To gain access the site do this:

1) check to see if you are you logging into You cannot access Facerobics through Renew Me. Renew Me is the Skincare Product site, NOT Facerobics.
2) are you trying to access a book marked page without being logged into the Membership Site? This is why you CONSISTENTLY see the CONTENT RESTRICTED PAGE
2) re check to see if you are using the correct username
3) are you using your full email address as your username where you don't normally?
4) re check to see if you are using the correct password. Are you using capitals where there should be small letters?
5) have you cleared the cache in your browser?
6) have you tried a different browser to determine if you can enter the site?
7) have you checked your password in the browser password library? If not, go to your browser where the passwords are stored and find it there
8) if all else fails, try to reset your password

IMPORTANT: When re-setting your password, ensure that the email account that you used to set up your account originally is an account that is valid and monitored regularly by yourself, otherwise you will not receive directions on how to reset it.