What do people ask me the most?

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I get so many questions about Facerobics® and the main question is – When Will I Start Seeing Change?

Face exercise takes time and commitment.

Because everything is so instant these days, and especially with all of the myth and hype around beauty products, we think that if we do an exercise here or there, our face will lift.

Sorry to tell you the hard cold truth, it won’t!

You need to take time to learn the exercises properly, and then start a full face routine. This is the ONLY way that you will gain face exercise success.

Consider if you start in the gym today. What would your expectations be? Would you be thinking that after 1 week your body will be trim, taut and terrific? No! Your Fitness Coach would interview you, talk to you about your goals, eating habits and lifestyle, and then tailor a program that would help you achieve those goals.

And, your instructor will insist that you stick to the program!

This is exactly what I do through YouTube, only it is to do with your face and facial muscles, which are the same as the muscles on your body.

When you start the Facerobics® Face Exercise Programme, you need to watch All of the instructional videos that discuss and answer your questions about the how to’s, why’s, warnings and techniques, and other videos that talk about the dangers of doing too much. You can watch them here –  Facerobics® Face Exercise Instruction Video Play List. When you are conversant with those principles, then you need to learn each exercise thoroughly before starting the Exercise Along With Me Series.

Here is a link to my last Blog explaining the Facerobics® Face Exercise Programme. Read it and follow it to the letter.

Facerobics® Face Exercise Program is a gradual program that builds your muscles – gradually. It is not a quick fix program, so you need to learn and more importantly, understand all that I instruct, then follow those instructions for your face exercise success.

When you join the gym and getting a program from your instructor, do you change it or do you follow it?  Yes, you do, because you know that you are being given the blueprint for success.

The same is with Facerobics® only, you do not pay hundreds of dollars to get the information!

It will take a number of weeks possibly months depending on your age as to how long it will take to start working for you.

Initially you will start to feel the muscles under your skin firming, even if your skin is not firming at that point.  When that happens, THAT is when other parts of your face start changing and lifting.

Remember that it took years for your face to get into the shape it is in, but know it will not take years to change it if you follow my program.

And remember, if you hear people saying it will only take 8 weeks, they are setting you up for failure. Consider, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Until then, BE PATIENT, Subscribe to the Channel if you haven’t already for regular updates, stick to the program, keep going, and you will, over time, start to see change.

Never, Ever, NEVER Give Up!


Your Personal Face Exercise Coach