You might be wondering why there is only one Skincare Product Line in the RENEW ME® Range?  I am here to tell you a well guarded secret in the beauty industry.  It is because there is no need for anymore products in a range if they are formulated correctly.

I know this is a difficult concept to consider, as we have been “educated” all these years that we need different  products according to our skin type.  I believed this also, as this is how I was taught when studying to become a Beautician.

This is a line of thought that has been handed down through the decades that all skin care companies has stuck with because they make more money!   When companies were first selling skin care products, they did not have the right formulations and they used chemicals.  So many companies still do of course.

Because of the chemicals people reacted to them.

Think about it, did that well known company have a different line when they launched their Cold Cream all those years ago?  No!  They didn’t know that so many people would react to it, so they had to do something, fast!  And not just them…….

See it now. Imagine the spin doctors sitting around in the board room. When they realised that people reacted to their products…….are you seeing it?  The spin doctors (not the chemists) sat there and said, “mmm, how can we make more money out of this situation?”  “Hey, I know” one says, “tell them that they need a different product for each of their skin types!”  So, THEN and only then, they ask the chemists to re formulate the product slightly and tell us that they now have a “sensitive range” a “dry skin range” an “oily skin range” and a “normal skin range”, when really, it is fundamentally all the same formulation!

They have just increased their sales by hundreds of thousands of dollars!  And I do mean HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

If you have a product that is completely natural that does not use the harsh chemicals that feign hydration then there should be absolutely NO reactions  to the product AT ALL.

To date, no one has reacted to the RENEW ME® products and there is only ONE range.  Why is this?

The truth is the marketing department of skincare companies come up with outlandish ploys to convince you why you need to purchase their different products.  It is just there for them to eek out every cent from you and make bucket loads of money for themselves!

I am sorry, but that is the truth!

There is also another ploy – Eye Creams.  Everyone asks me why I haven’t got an eye cream in the range.  The reason is, again, it is another marketing ploy by the spin doctors to make sales.

I have had numerous discussions with Beauty Therapists claiming that an eye cream is essential and them telling me that “even the leading Beauty Associations of Australia advocates Eye Creams!”  Of course they do, they have to because these companies are part of their membership.

I am here to fly in the face of convention and to tell you that if you have a well formulated serum, why do you need eye cream?  The skin is the same around the eye that it is around the face! Isn’t it?  Yes, of course!  What is different about your cheek skin than your eye skin.  I mean really, does the skin composition change when it hits that “magical” spot where your eye skin starts?  It might be thinner, but that is all.  It’s exactly the same skin that is on your heels!

Please realise, I too would love to make more sales, of course, and charge another $59.50 for a “20g RENEW ME® Eye Cream” and sell to you all the reasons why it is “absolutely necessary” to use it because the skin is different around the eyes!  Etc, etc, etc…….

I don’t, however, because it is NOT absolutely necessary and I would be doing you, my customer, a complete dis-service if I do. We have the beautiful RENEW ME® Serum which has been formulated to feed the WHOLE skin.  So is completely unnecessary for you to spend another $59.50 when one serum does all.

RENEW ME® strives to offer a product that is ethically sound in conception of formulation and commercially.  That it is priced affordably so that it is available to EVERYONE, not just a select few.  We have chosen to use more expensive totally natural ingredients to ensure the integrity and efficacy of the skin care range.  We do not use cheap chemicals at your expense and in the long run work against you.  We have chosen ingredients that work with your natural bodily rhythms.

I also wanted to keep the range SIMPLE!

We hope you appreciate it!

RENEW ME® Natural Skincare Range

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