Where to Start and How to Use the FACEROBICS® Face Exercise Program for Your Face Exercise Success

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Hello Everyone!

Where to Start and How to Use the FACEROBICS® Face Exercise Program.

It is really very easy!

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The only way to have success with the FACEROBICS® Face Exercise Program is to practice a FULL FACE ROUTINE, changing the amount of repetitions you do, and then changing the exercises every 6 weeks.

This is so important, because, as with all exercise, the body needs

1) different sets of repetitions to support the muscle rest and growth cycle ; and

2) the exercises need to vary so that it keeps them in a constant state of change

Talk to any Physical Fitness Coach and they will tell you the same thing.

So, it stands to reason, the same must be applied to our facial muscles, as they are exactly the same as the muscles in our body.

The FACEROBICS® Face Exercise Program will bring about amazing changes if you follow it exactly and do not add to or change it.


Watch the following videos first as they are central to the success you have following the FACEROBICS® Face Exercise Programme:

1. FACEROBICS® How to use the Programme

2. The 5 Principles of FACEROBICS® Face Exercise Success

3. The Energy Lift Technique

4. The Press & Plant Technique


DO NOT CHANGE THE EXERCISE ALONG WITH ME SERIES ROUTINES IN ANYWAY. If you wish to change the routine, please watch How to Construct Your Own Facial Exercise Routine here.

All of the instructions to each EAWM Series are posted as a pop up link towards the beginning of each video. Simply click little circle with an “i” inside of it in the top right hand corner of the video on YouTube, that is where the link is, just click on it and you can access the instructions there.


50 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Series 1, Level 1
100 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Series 1, Level 2
150 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Series 1, Level 3

NOTE: Some people cannot do Level 3, 150 Repetitions – in that case, do Level 1, 50 Repetitions for 3 weeks and Level 2, 100 Repetitions for 3 weeks. This applies to all the series.

Do the exercises ALL AT ONCE, ONCE A DAY, do not split them between morning and evening, as you need to give time for the muscles to rest. The face muscles are clearly not as big as the body muscles, so 24 hours rest is enough time for them. Resting the muscles after exercise is a big part of your face exercise success.  You can do them 5-6 days a week, with a rest day every 3 days.

When you finish the 6 weeks, take a week between Series to learn the next series and then GO TO EAWM SERIES 2, do the same format FOR ANOTHER SIX WEEKS

Next Step


50 Repetitions – 2 Weeks – Series 2, Level 1
100 Repetitions – 2 Weeks – Series 2, Level 2
150 Repetitions – 2 Weeks – Series 2, Level 3

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Next Step


50 Repetitions – 2 Weeks – Series 3, Level 1
100 Repetitions – 2 Weeks – Series 3, Level 2
150 Repetitions – 2 Weeks – Series 3, Level 3

Then after 18 weeks of working through the 3 Series and their levels, go back to SERIES 1 and start again from the beginning. You need to start at 50 Repetitions again, EVEN IF YOU THINK THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO, because it gives your muscles time to rest again, as it is in the resting of the muscles that allows them to firm and strengthen when you move to stronger levels. Also, in essence, it is warming up your muscles in preparation for the stronger repetitions you will be practising in Levels 2 and 3.  If you do not do this, the programme fails and you will not get the results you are looking for.

Now you have a structure for your face exercise routines and this programme above can be rotated for a number of months if not indefinitely.

The EAWM routines cover ALL the muscle groups over 18 Weeks, so do not add or take away any exercises from the routine. If you do, you may be adding an exercise that is in one of the other Series and then you will be overexercising those areas and you WILL create more wrinkles.

Also if you haven’t subscribed already, I would suggest you do so, as I regularly post updated information as the program evolves. You can SUBSCRIBE HERE.

Happy Exercising!



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